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10 Signs You Are Going to Become a Coder When You Grow Up

Are you thinking of becoming a coder when you grow up or as a continuation of your current career?

If you are asking, “Should I learn Java?” or are looking for a way to learn java online free, then this article is for you.

This site offers a great introduction to java for those looking for the best java tutorial to teach them java programming basics.

But, onto the topic at hand, many ask: “What Are The 10 Signs I Are Going to Become a Coder When You Grow Up”

This article will attempt to answer that question and encourage those on the fence on whether they should learn java online (or any learn any coding language online)

I personally have about 2 years of programming experience starting at 16 years old so I feel semi-qualified to answer this question.

Anyway, below are the signs that you may possibly become a coder when you grow up.

1.) You are a problem solver

If you enjoy solving problems, then it is an indicator that you will be well suited as a coder someday.

Java programming requires you to solve problems on your own, and at the same time take into consideration the budget and deadline.

This balancing act of multiple concerns and problems means that to succeed at learning programming you must be an acute problem solver.

Being a great problem solver makes things so much easier…

…many wonder “how hard is it to learn to program” but what they should really assess is not the “difficulty” of learning programming.

They should assess their own abilities to overcome problems.

Because that’s all programming is. Problem-solving.

All-day, every day.

And if you love to overcome challenges and dominate your barriers to growth then you will love the rush of learning to code.

2.) You love talking to people

Gone are the days when programmers are loners.

Coders need to explain complex problems to clients and colleagues as well as solve them

One also needs to know who to speak in simple terms, as well as the technical language, depending on who you are talking to.

This fluency is essential in making the whole software development process as streamlined as possible for your team as well as the end-user.

It is ok to be shy to some extent, but eventually, you should learn to become a tactful communicator at least over email…

…being adept at communicating with others effectively is a great skill to have in today’s programming job-sector.

This isn’t a must because if you are great at anything you do, it’ll overcome any deficiency you have personally.

But being a great communicator is very beneficial to working with others to produce powerful, experience-driven software.

3.) You love strategy games

Whether it is chess, Risk, bridge, or video games, you love playing games…

…that love for stimulation and fast-paced problem-solving transitions well into making software and learning to code.

The games prepare you to think logically, which is required in programming in java.

The more systematic you become as a thinker, the easier it is to overcome the barriers that are presented by learning basic java programming or android app development.

4.) You want to make an impact

You must understand that with any programming language you join, you are joining an international community of problem-solvers.

These are the people that are behind the Googles, Microsofts, and Apples.

Be coding or learning to program you are contributing to the international community for the better especially with open-source software.

If you want to make an impact coding is certainly for you because what you make can reach millions without any further effort due to the scalable nature of the internet.

Of course, you’ll have to learn how to market if you do freelance development, but if you really want to make an impact across many people’s lives software has the power to do so.

5.) You love music

If you play an instrument, then you are more likely to be able to do java programming as well.

This one is kind of general but people who love listening to music for hours while on the computer will likely love coding.

I know this from experience, coders tend to be nocturnal and music puts them in the zone.

When I listen to house or classical music I literally become so focused that I merge with my thought processes and code flows onto the screen without a thought.

6.) You are good at arguing

While it is not good to argue all the time, it is one sign that you are going to become a coder someday is when you win your arguments most of the time.

And more often than not, you approach the argument in a logical manner.

This is a silly one but I do find it true for myself.

I am very crafty and logical in my arguments and I always find a way to sway people’s opinions to my side.

This systematically rigorous thinking is well suited for programming and is a good sign that you can conquer and challenge with your intellect.

7.) You love to create stuff

If you get a sense of satisfaction from creating things then you may be a great coder someday.

You are curious about how things work, and you use your imagination to make them better.

This flows into having your own ideas and motivates you to acquire the skills necessary to make those dreams a reality.

This is what motivated me to want to learn how to build Android apps when I was 16.

I had so many ideas I kept to myself and I had to learn the skills needed to make these ideas a reality.

Being creative is a good indicator that you will become a coder when you grow up.

8.) You want to learn about the theory of computer science

Being interested in the theory behind software engineering is the first step in becoming a coder in the future.

Computers always fascinated me on a surface level (I’m not a complete geek though, I was just peripherally interested)

This eventually led me to take the leap and researching how to learn java online and eventually I achieved my desire.

So if computers have always even slightly intrigued or awed you then you should certainly look into programming as a career choice!

9.) You are a team player

Coding requires a lot of teamwork down the road if you ever decide to get a job in programming.

A coder needs to review and refine codes with the team in order to get rid of bugs and make the software meet requirements.

Being a team player and having the ability to cooperate with people is a great skill to have for this.

It can be indicative that you are well geared to getting a job as a programmer.

10.) You love technology

Whether it is the latest gaming console or a new smartphone, you are amazed by what technology can contribute to the world.

You are also interested in using technology and developing innovative products in the future.

This motivates you to want to learn about the complex systems that drive so much of our everyday lives.

A love for technology, in general, can be great if you want to learn how to code someday.

If you’ve read this far and match at least 2-3 of these pointers you must be wondering…


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