Microsoft windows support and help

How to get help in windows 10

  • Search for help – Enter a question or keywords in the search box on the taskbar to find apps, files, settings, and get help from the web.
  • Tips app – Find out what’s new and see helpful tips on how to get the most out of Windows. Learn more about the Tips app.
  • – Head over to to find answers to more complex problems, browse support content in different categories, and contact support.
  • Get help – Select the Get help link when you’re in Settings to learn more about the setting you’re using and find answers to your questions. Windows 10 includes a Get Help application that can provide solutions to many problems.
  • Press F1 for Help in Many Applications: F1 key is the traditional way of getting help. If you have the focus on the Windows desktop and tap the “F1” key, Windows will perform a Bing search for “how to get help in windows 10.”
  • Try the Built-in Troubleshooters: To find them, head to Settings > Update & Security > Troubleshoot. Or, search for “Troubleshoot” in the Start menu and select “Troubleshoot Settings.”
  • Take Advantage of Microsoft’s Support Websites: Microsoft’s support website can be useful, too. You can search Microsoft’s Support website for solutions to many problems. Other solutions may be found on the Microsoft Community discussion forum.
  • Use Windows Troubleshooters for Step-by-Step Solutions:
    • Go to Settings > Update & Security > Troubleshoot.
    • Alternatively, search for Troubleshoot with Windows Search and select Troubleshoot Settings.
    • Scroll through the list and select the troubleshooter for your problem.
  • Use the Search bar or Cortana: You could use the taskbar search bar or ask Cortana to search online for help.
  • Use Microsoft Answer Desk: Need help with your Microsoft products and services
  • Contact Microsoft Customer Support by Phone: You can contact Microsoft Customer Support at Phone Number 1 800-642-7676 or at
  • Request Email or Chat support: You can also contact Microsoft Support by email and chat. If a Customer Service Agent is online and available for chat here, you will see a message to this effect. If not, you will see Instant Chat: Customer Service Agents are OFFLINE message, on the right side. You may then try and visit this page for Chat support. Use this form to email Microsoft. They will contact you back via email.
  • Follow Twitter account: Microsoft Support Official Twitter Account is @MicrosoftHelps.


Windows 10 Get Help application that can provide solutions to many problems
Windows 10 includes a Get Help application that can provide solutions to many problems.

How to Get Help in Windows 10

  1. Use the F1 key
  2. Use the Get Started app
  3. Enable Tips via Windows Settings
  4. Use the Search bar or Cortana
  5. Use the Contact Support app
  6. Use Microsoft Answer Desk
  7. Request Email or Chat support
  8. Contact Microsoft Customer Support by Phone
  9. Follow Twitter account
  10. Via Microsoft Store
  11. Other ways
  12. Use TWC Search bar
  13. Use Quick Assist.
  14. Other useful links.

How do I open get help in Windows 10?

The Get Help app comes preinstalled on Windows 10. To open it, you can enter “help” in your taskbar’s search field, and then click or tap on getting Help. Another way to open the app is from the Start Menu, by clicking or tapping on the Start button and then pressing on getting Help from the app list.

How can I get help with my computer?

Get Help with Computer Problems

  1. Contact the manufacturer. For hardware problems and software that came installed on your computer, the manufacturer is the best place to start. …
  2. Find local experts. Many computer stores and big stores offer in-store repair. …
  3. Use Windows Remote Assistant.

What is the Windows 10 Help feature?

Windows provides a help system that most software developers use to provide immediate help to the users of their Windows applications. The help is displayed by pressing F1 or selecting the Help menu in the application. The help windows can remain on screen so that you can try things out while you read the instructions.

How do I open Help and Support in Windows 10?

Click the Start button, type “Get Help,” and click the “Get Help” shortcut that appears or press Enter. You can also scroll through the list of applications at the left side of the Start menu and click the “Get Help” shortcut.