How to reinstall WordPress

Due to version issues, we need to reinstall WordPress Click “Auto Installer” Click the trash button, delete this version of WordPress Click “WordPress” Set a password Set the title of your web: For example, the title of my website is: Example.com Click “change” to modify the version of WordPress Choose the version, Then click install The installation is successful! Click edit website We entered the WordPress backend.

Step-by-step guide to reinstall a fresh copy of WordPress

  • Export All WordPress Content
    • Enter YourDomainName.com/wp-admin on a browser.(Important:Replace YourDomainName.com with your actual website.)
    • On the left-hand corner, click Tools.
    • Select Export.
    • Under Choose what to export, select All Content.
    • Click Download Export File.
  • Download All WordPress Content Files
    • Access your FTP Client, and provide the following on the necessary fields:
UsernameHosting Username
PasswordHosting Password
Port21 or 22
  • Go to public_html folder.
  • Right-click the wp-content folder, and select Download. (Important: Further steps need an FTP client. To save time, do not close your FTP client until you finish all the steps.)
  • Uninstall Latest/Current Version of WordPress
    • Using your FTP client, select all website files (Ctrl + A), right-click, and then select Delete.
    • Confirm the deletion by selecting Yes in case a pop-up box follows.
  • Install Latest Version of WordPress
    • Download latest version of WordPress.
    • Double-click the zip file downloaded and Extract it.
    • Open your FTP client.
    • From your computer files, drag a fresh copy of WordPress to your public_html folder.
    • After uploading all files, go to your website.
    • Enter new database information you created earlier.
    • Click Submit button to proceed.
    • On the success message, click Run Install button.
    • On the Information Needed page, enter the required information.
    • Click Install WordPress.
  • Delete Default Contents
    • Enter YourDomainName.com/wp-admin on a browser.
    • Enter new login credentials.
  • Delete default post by following these steps:
    • On the left-hand corner, click Post.
    • Hover over Hello World! post, and click Trash link.
  • Delete default comment by following these steps:
    • On the left-hand corner, click Comments.
    • Hover over default comment, and click Trash link.
  • Delete sample pages by following these steps:
    • On the left-hand corner, click Pages.
    • Select all sample pages.
    • From the Bulk Action menu, select Move to trash.
    • Click Apply.

You’ve successfully deleted and reinstalled WordPress, you’re ready to restore your content files to WordPress again.