Windows 11 media creation tool

  • Check Compatibility
    • Go to the Windows 11 Specifications page and scroll to the bottom until you see the Check for compatibility section
    • Click the Download PC Health Check App
    • Open the app and click the Check now button
    • A message will tell you whether or not your PC meets the requirements
  • Download the Media Creation Tool
    • open Microsoft’s Download Windows 11 page on any compatible computer
    • You can use the Installation Assistant, installation media, or a disk image (ISO file).
    • Scroll down to the Create Windows 11 Installation Media section and click Download Now.
  • Choose Media Type
    • During the setup process, you’ll be asked to accept the license terms
    • And then confirm the language and edition for Windows 11.
    • Click Next(ALL STEP).
    • Click Finish to close the Media Creation Tool.
  • Update to Windows 11
    • Sign into Windows 10 on that PC and insert the USB drive or DVD into the computer.
    • Browse to the files on the USB drive or DVD and double-click the setup.exe file.
    •  Click Next, accept the license terms, then click Install.
    • Windows 11 runs the upgrade and then reboots.
    • Sign in, and Windows 11 should be up and running.

Download Media Creation Tool Windows 11

VersionMediaCreationTool Windows 11
Size9.4 MB
Architecture64 BIT
Download LinkDownload here

How to Create Windows 11 Bootable USB Using Media Creation Tool

  • You can use a usb installation media  to install a new copy of windows  
  • Perform a clean installation or reinstall  windows
  • Create a windows 11 bootable usb
  • Using microsoft media creation tool
  • To create installation media
  • Go to the windows 11 download website
  • See link in below
  • Click download now under windows 11 installation  media
  • The media creation tool will download
  • Launch the media creation tool
  • Click accept
  • Click next when prompted to  choose a language in addition  
  • Insert a usb flash drive if it is not already  inserted
  • Select usb flash drive and click next
  • Select your drive if there is more than one connected
  • Click  next
  • The program will now download windows 11 and write it to your USB flash drive
  • Click finish
  • Remove the usb drive from your computer
  • Going forward if you need to install or reinstall windows
  • You can connect the drive to a computer and reboot it.

Windows 11 media creation tool download

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